Pune College Installed Solar System to Meet Power Demand

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India is pushing to go green and each state taking steps towards that. Maharashtra government has announced the latest solar programme in that they are encouraging the schools, college and other to install solar so that they can help in cutting carbon emission. There are lot new things in that scheme and it will help in financially as well as technically. So many colleges in pune have looking to work in this field so that they can help in environment for the future. So, new steps are taken by the Pune College which is now going to fully depend on solar system and due to that it has installed solar system as per the indianexpress news.

According to the various news source and after the confirmation of college administrative, Pune colleges has installed the 4KVA solar plant to meet its requirement after the state government promotion of solar power generation. University has been spent the 6 Lacks to make this things in full functional. After the fully functional of this system, University not use any electricity from the government electricity board. So it will save huge amount of money as well as other people will get benefits and get extra time light.

This new is good for the state government and it will boost the government moral. So many college will aspire from this and they take initiative to install the solar system to make things better and give some less burden on the state electricity station. Not only for pune, It is good example for the all over India. So if you are studying in some college then you can take initiative for that or puss to college administrative for this project. Even you people should involve in this initiative so that our government will achieve what they want to achieve in future.

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